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Welcome to LBX 2020 Madden Summer League


Start Date: July 20th, 2020

(Orientation for the League which will include any questions will take place on Thursday July 16th at 5:00pm on Zoom.)

Systems: Both Xbox One & PS 4

League Fee - $40

League Style: Tournament with Play in Games and Runners Up Bracket

***From July 20th – July 31st, Mon – Fri each user will play a total of 10 games scheduled by league admin.

During Week 1 July 20th – July 24th each team will be allowed to select anytime they choose.

During Week 2 July 27th – July 31st each team will have two choices from the randomizer on the Madden team select screen. If a team doesn’t like the 2 choices made, they can select a 3rd random team at this time they must pick the 3rd team no matter what.

All users must add all players in league to their friends list.


The Tournament will start August 3rd and run until August 14th.

The Tournament will be Seeded based on the play in games from the previous Weeks. However, during the tournament, you can only choose a team once. Choosing the teams will be based on the seeds in the play in. 

The tournament will be a best of 3 per round. There will also be a loser’s bracket after Round 1 with a chance to still compete as the champion. The loser’s bracket will be single game elimination and the champion of the loser’s bracket will play the runner up down 0-1 in a best of 3 series to play for the championship.

Superbowl Winner will receive Deluxe Version of Madden 21 and the runner up will receive a regular copy of the game on whatever system decided.



  1. Home team always makes the game settings and send invite. The Home team will always be the last team listed on the schedule.

  2. Settings as followed:

    1. Difficulty – All-Pro

    2. Quarter Length – 5 Minutes

    3. Accelerated Clock - None

    4. Injury - Off

    5. Fatigue - On

    6. Weather – Random

  3. Game Play Rules as followed:

    1. Absolutely No Quitting

    2. Absolutely No Taunting, Foul Language or any unsportsmanlike play

    3. Users must Punt on 4th Down, no matter what. Fake Punts and Fake Field Goals aren’t allowed.

    4. If losing in 4th Quarter, you can go for it anytime or if the score is tied.

    5. Screen-Shot of the final Score must be sent by both teams to &

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